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Pope writes new book for children

An earlier example of Franco Vignazia's work in another book for children

An earlier example of Franco Vignazia's work in another book for children

Pope Benedict XVI has written a new book for children entitled: 'The Friends of Jesus', in which he recounts the story of the twelve Apostles and St Paul.

The book, 48 pages long and illustrated by the Italian artist Franco Vignazia, has been published by San Giuliano Milanese. It brings together a number of passages from the Pope's catecheses in his Wednesday general audiences, according to the 'Osservatore Romano' newspaper.

The prologue is by Spanish priest Fr Julian Carron, president of the Fraternity of Communion and Liberation.

"One upon a time there was a small group of men who, one day two thousand years ago, met a young man who walked the roads of Galilee. Each had his own job and family but, in an instant, their lives changed. They were called Andrew and John, Peter, Matthew, Thomas, etc. They were twelve and we know them today as the 'Apostles'. ... In Jerusalem at that time everyone knew that they were Jesus' 'friends'. ... Later they were joined by St Paul ... who from being a persecutor of Christians became the greatest witness to Jesus", writes Fr Carron.

Fr Carron explains that in this work Benedict XVI "takes us by the hand and accompanies us as we discover who Jesus' first companions were, how they met Him and were conquered by Him to the point that they never abandoned Him".

Source: VIS