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London: schools minister visits St Gregorys

 Elisha Odumosu, Emma Daly, Joanna Ismail, Adrian Kucharski being interviewed on TV

Elisha Odumosu, Emma Daly, Joanna Ismail, Adrian Kucharski being interviewed on TV

St Gregory's Catholic Science College in Kenton, was chosen by Schools' Minister Nick Gibb MP on 7 July  to launch his plans to "put head teachers and teachers back in control of the classroom".

St Gregory's Catholic Science College is a leading good behaviour school. During his visit to St Gregory's, students spoke to Mr Gibb about the good behaviour policy.

Head boy, Daniel Zucker, and head girl, Venezia Souceradjou,said that the attention to detail, which includes ensuring uniforms are worn neatly, helps the whole school focus on achievement and positive encouragement. An example of good behaviour highlighted by Schools' Minister Nick Gibb MP at St Gregory's was that students stand up when adults enter the classroom.

Head teacher Andrew Prindiville believes the school's success with behaviour is down to the priority it puts on learning and achievement "It's about our focus on learning, developing high aspirations and attention to detail. If children are actively engaged in learning they can't be disruptive."

Mr Prindiville continued: "St Gregory's has an unrelenting focus on raising standards in all aspects of school life (spiritual, moral, academic and social) so that each student can develop their God-given talents to the full and be the best they can be. As a Catholic school the teachers put the students at the heart and they feel that every child matters in the school."

Mr Gibb announced in a Written Ministerial Statement to Parliament and in a visit to St Gregory's Catholic Science College that the Government would end the rule requiring schools to give 24 hours written notice for detentions and allow teachers to search pupils. The new guidelines will also strengthen guidance and legislation if necessary surrounding use of force in the classroom and give anonymity to teachers accused by pupils and take other measures to protect against false accusations.

Source: Archbishop's House