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Play: The Flying Monk

A new play: The Flying Monk, by Soop Productions, opened this week at the Lion and Unicorn Theatre, in Kentish Town, north London.

Based on the true story of Eilmer of Malmesbury, an eleventh century monk who made himself some wings and tried to fly from the tower at Malmesbury Abbey. As his community prepares for a royal visit, Brother Eilmer dreams of Daedalus and soaring with the jackdaws. Meanwhile, the Vikings are approaching! As the villagers meet the pillagers, King Ethelred tries not to swap his kingdom for a Norse. But where on earth is Eilmer?

The play is directed by Vincent Adams, designed by Francine Huin-Wah and stars Bobbie Brightman, Nathan Chapman, Lucy Frederick, Peter Henderson, Henry Oastler, Mark Newton.

The Flying Monk by Soop Productions, with music by Denise Baugh, at the Lion and Unicorn Theatre, from 15 June to 10 July 2010. Shows are at 7.30pm -  Tuesdays to Saturdays and 2.30pm on Sundays. For advanced bookings call: 08444771000