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Christians blog on the election

Fr Steven Wang, writes in Bridges and Tangents today: "You can see the wildly different ways in which the election of a lifetime is being presented: from the Sun’s Obamaesque picture of David Cameron, ‘OUR ONLY HOPE’, to the Mirror’s ‘PRIME MINISTER? REALLY?’ splashed across a grim-looking photo of the same man. You could do a whole degree in media studies analysing the different presentations.

Read Fr Steven's blog at: bridgesandtangents.wordpress.com/

A guest writer on Times Online Faith Central, Jonathan Bartley, from Ekklesia, offers the challenging argument that in fact Jesus would not vote for any of the three main parties in British politics. Read: timesonline.typepad.com/faith/

Austen Ivereigh mulls the options from a Catholic perspective  for America Magazine at: www.americamagazine.org/blog/entry.cfm?blog_id=2&entry_id=2840