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Chile: convent chapel bombed

St Mary Euphrasia Pellettier  GSS foundress

St Mary Euphrasia Pellettier GSS foundress

The chapel at the convent of the Good Shepherd Sisters in Carrera Bulnes, in Chile was badly badly damaged by a bomb yesterday, the Chilean Bishops' Conference  report.

The Sisters said that they heard a loud explosion  early in the morning, in their Chapel of Our Lady of Lourdes. Windows, doors, and pews were destroyed and chapel caught fire, but fortunately the flames were extinguished by firefighters. The vibrations of the explosion also caused the breaking of windows of houses near the chapel.

According to local press, the public prosecutor is investigating an anarchist group which is suspected of involvement in the attack.
Local diocesan Bishop Camilo Vial has  already visited the sisters and expressed his concern and full support. The Good Shepherd Sisters in Carrera Bulness run a home  for 25 children with  and also work with Mapuche women.

Source: Fides