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General Election briefings

Houses of Parliament

Houses of Parliament

As the UK general election approaches, many Catholic  organisations have drawn up reflections and briefings for people to consider, before they cast their vote. Links to a few of these are listed below:

In Choosing the Common Good,  the Bishops of England and Wales present some of the key themes of Catholic Social Teaching in the light of some of its recent developments and changed conditions in contemporary Britain.

To read the document see: www.catholic-ew.org.uk/catholic_church/publications/choosing_the_common_good

The Catholic Union have published:  Restoring Faith in Politics – General Election 2010 which can be read at: catholicunion.org.uk/2010/04/21/events/324/restoring-faith-in-politics-general-election-2010/

Today Archbishop Patrick Kelly issued some reflections for voters in which he looked at:  Public Finances; Private Finances; Frontline Services; The Voice of the Poor; Migration and The Future.  See: www.liverpoolcatholic.org.uk/index.php?p=168

The Network of Christian Peace Organisations, of which Pax Christi is one of 25 members, has produced a briefing for Christians which covers four areas: The Middle East, the Arms Trade, Nuclear Proliferation and Military Spending. Each section offers a short background followed by questions for candidates. See: www.paxchristi.org.uk/press.HTML

Scottish Bishops Election Briefing at: www.indcatholicnews.com/news.php?viewStory=16017