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Catholic Peoples’ Weeks 2010

During 2010, Catholic Peoples’ Weeks are holding events, varying between two and seven days, on a range of themes. All the events - whether weekend, long weekend or week-long - offer the revitalising mixture of engaging talks and activities, prayer and socialising, in a community setting.

Easter will be celebrated at Childswickham in the Cotswolds, and return visits are being made to Lathallan School, on the east coast of Scotland, Penmaenmawr in North Wales and Downside in Somerset. There is also a walking week in the Lake District and a young adults weekend in Oxfordshire. The autumn weekend will be at Boars Hill in Oxfordshire.

Some events are for people of all ages - families with children, as well as people (of any age) without children. Others are for people aged 18 and over (no upper age limit!). There is food for thought, fun and friends.

The following events are scheduled for 2010

www.catholicpeoplesweeks.org.uk/childswickham.htm Childswickham: "Our Paschal Sacrifice" 1-6 April (Thurs-Tues) Easter week; All-age; Fully catered

www.catholicpeoplesweeks.org.uk/boarshill_may.htm Boars Hill (May): "Forever Young… with faith and a voice" 21-23 May (Fri-Sun); Young Adult (18+); Partial self-help

www.catholicpeoplesweeks.org.uk/ammerdown.htm Ammerdown: "Understanding Islam" 28 June-2 July (Mon-Fri); Adult; Fully catered

www.catholicpeoplesweeks.org.uk/coniston.htm Coniston: "Lakeland walking - calm and storm" 26-31 July (Mon-Sat) Walking week; All age (10+) ; Self-help

www.catholicpeoplesweeks.org.uk/lathallan.htm Lathallan: "We're all in that same rocky boat?" 7-14 August (Sat-Sat); All-age; Fully catered

www.catholicpeoplesweeks.org.uk/penmaenmawr.htm Penmaenmawr: "The greatest good that mortals know…" 9-16 August (Mon-Mon); Adult; Fully catered

www.catholicpeoplesweeks.org.uk/downside.htm Downside: "Living baptismally: the art of discipleship" 22-29 August (Sun-Sun); All-age; Fully catered

www.catholicpeoplesweeks.org.uk/boarshill_bgm.htm Boars Hill (BGM): Biennial General Meeting with Dora Turbin lecture; 22-24 October (Fri-Sun); All Members; Partial Self-help

Full details available at:  www.catholicpeoplesweeks.org.uk