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London: procession to protest against abortion

An ecumenical prayer procession:  '1000 Crosses for Life', will take place in London on Saturday, 14 November. Starting at Westminster Cathedral at 1.30pm, the march will include a mourning ceremony a Westminster Bridge, to commemorate the more than 500 unborn babies aborted each day in England, Scotland and Wales. The event will end at Westminster Abbey at about 4pm.

'1000 Crosses for Life' is an European, ecumenical initiative of 'European Voice of the Unborn Children: Protect Our Life' and partners, with 'Human Life International UK', Society for the Protection of Unborn  Children (SPUC) and Helpers of God's Precious Infants UK'

For more information contact: Joe Clovis (0208) 690 8314, Email: europrolifeuk@gmail.com