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Armed Forces Day: Pax Christi speaker at Imperial War Museum

The eve of Armed Forces Day will be marked by an open discussion on 'The Limits of Military Obedience'  at the Imperial War Museum, on 26 June at 6pm.

Three speakers:   Bruce Kent, vice chair of Pax  Christ, General Sir Hugh Beach,  and George Farebrother  from the Institute of Law Accountability and Peace,  will address the challenges to military obedience posed by international law and the individual's conscience.

The evening will include an include exploration of case studies. Chaired by Kat Barton of Quaker Peace and Social Witness. No tickets required. There will be a  collection for expenses.

* The Fitzwilliam String Quartet  from Musicians Against Nuclear Arms (MANA is  giving a concert at  St Cyprian's Church, Clarence Gate, Glentworth Street, NW1 6AX. For tickets or more information,  contact:  MANA Administration, 71 Greenfield Gardens, London NW2 1HU Tel: Please call 020 8455 1030

For more information see: www.abolishwar.org.uk