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Anglican bishop calls for banks to reconnect with community

 The Bishop of Hulme, Rt Rev Stephen Lowe, has issued a call for more ethical, community-based banking.

Speaking ahead of the annual Tawney Dialogue with Rt Hon John McFall MP entitled: 'Rewiring the global economy - can the church provide the spark?'  - Bishop Lowe argues that global banking has seen financial transactions far removed from where the liabilities are situated.

He said: "We have lost banks committed to the regeneration of their local neighbourhoods where the manager has some real charitable and investment resources.Better regulated, better connected local banking with relationship as a key pillar of the system needs to be our financial future."

Bishop Lowe will be debating with John McFall MP at the Tawney Dialogue on Thursday 7 May 2009 between 6:15pm and 8:00pm in the Atlee Suite, Portcullis House, Westminster.

For more information see: www.thecsm.org.uk