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Cardinal's garden in the City wins prize

 The Quiet Garden at St Joseph's, Bunhill Row, has been awarded the London Garden Society's cup and gilt medal for 'a garden display in a public place' - not tended by municipal services. Father Bruno Healy who initiated the garden is "thrilled and delighted" at the news. However, he said: "The purpose of this Quiet Garden is not to enter competitions and win prizes, but this is a delightful bonus. In placing the garden here I have moved the threshold of the church out into the neighbourhood. "At the moment the focus in the Westminster diocese is very much on renewal and 'putting out into deep water'. In a small and rather different manner I hope that what is being done here at St Joseph's will contribute in an imaginative way to deep and lasting spiritual renewal". The Quiet Garden has also reached the finals of Islington in Bloom and also the prestigious London in Bloom competition. Pictures of the Quiet Garden during its construction and also of the ecumenical dedication ceremony can be viewed on the parish website at: www.AtPrayerintheCity.com