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Coventry: church to unveil ancient fresco

 A rare mediaeval fresco will go on public display in Coventry for the first time in more than 400 years. The Doom fresco, which is believed to be one of the best examples of its type in Europe, is expected to go on display for the first time since the reign of Queen Elizabeth I. The painting, by an unknown artist, dates back to the 1430s and depicts the last judgement. Following extensive restoration, the fresco is expected to be displayed at Holy Trinity Church next year. The Reverend Keith Sinclair said he hoped people would visit the church to see the painting. "We've been told by the people who know about these things that it is a unique painting so we're really hopeful that people will come to see it." The painting was originally discovered beneath lime wash in 1831. David Gee, a local artist at the time, was commissioned to restore it and applied a varnish coating to the work, but this rapidly darkened and by 1855 most of the painting was obscured. The whole of the painting had to be cleaned recently using a special solvent and implements no larger than a cotton bud.