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Durham: Bishop praises Catholic journalists

 Journalists influence others "more than they realise" - said Bishop Ambrose Griffiths, of Hexham and Newcastle diocese, when speaking at the golden jubilee dinner of a Catholic journalists, group at Ushaw College, Durham, on Saturday. Saying that writers were 'important people' he thanked several Catholic journalists and historians for their work in the north-east. The bishop particularly mentioned John Bailey, editor of diocesan monthly newspaper Northern Cross and Robin Gard, diocesan archivist who had "revolutionised" the archives. Among the 20 members and guests of the North-east Catholic Writers, Guild present was Terry Wynn, a retired Tyneside newspaperman who was among the guild's founders at a Newcastle city centre pub in January 1954. The guild, which ceased functioning in the mid-1970s, was revived a year ago and has a programme of events planned for this year. The weekend included a University-Challenge-type quiz during which an Ushaw students' team beat the visitors.