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Former gangster talks about his faith

 Thousands of people around the country are turning out to hear a former East End gangster turned Catholic evangelist talk about his life and faith. John Pridmore led the life most blokes dream of: loads of cash, a penthouse flat, flashy sports cars, designer clothes and women on tap. One night he hit a man and nearly killed him. Soon after, something extraordinary happened to him. He is now touring schools, parishes and universities in the UK to coincide with the new edition of the new edition of his best-selling book From Gangland to Promised Land, which was co-written with Greg Watts.* The tour has been arranged by Xt3.com and also features the up and coming band Raindown. During the day, John is visiting schools and in the evening parishes and universities. *From Gangland to Promised Land is available from Amazon on ICN's front page. Check ICN Listings or visit www.xt3.com for tour dates and venues.