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Huge increase in Bible sales

 Bookstores around the country are reporting huge increases in Bible sales since 11 September. WH Smith say they are experiencing a 'significant increase' in demand for copies of the Bible: while 'Borders and Books etc' note a three to four-fold rise in Bible sales. A report in the Daily Telegraph says there has also been a surge in demand for the Koran and books on Islam. The terrorist attacks also signalled a large rise in the number of people attending churches, mosques and synagogues. While Westminster cathedral didn't have exact numbers available today, a spokesman said: "We get a lot of visitors each day, but there does seem to have been a rise in the number of Mass-goers recently." St Paul's Cathedral doubled its number of worshippers in the first week after the attacks, and its congregations are still 30% above the levels before 11 September.