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Adult stem cells cure blind man

 A blind patient was cured at the Centre for Sight in East Grinstead, through a pioneering procedure using adult stem cells, it was announced on Friday. Matthew O'Gorman from LIFE said: "Around the world there are already over 50 working treatments for diseases and disabilities using adult stem cells. Their potential to regenerate damaged tissue and to encourage the growth of one's own stem cells is unmatched by alternative treatments. "The majority of bench scientists and medical financiers are investing their time and money in adult stem cell research. It is successful, ethical and provides real hope for those with severe disabilities." "Embryonic stem cell research does not work. There are no working treatments which use cells taken from cloned embryos. Why is it, therefore, that our government has allowed maverick scientists to clone our citizens in the name of redundant research?" "Tony Blair has been reminded yet again that his support for cloning human beings, apart from being unethical, is anomalous, ineffective and unwise."