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Talk: keeping faith with nonviolence

 Pax Christi, the Fellowship of Reconciliation, and St Ethelberga's Centre for Peace and Reconciliation are co-hosts of an evening on 24 July on the theme 'Persistent Peacemaking: keeping faith with nonviolence in a time of war.' The evening will feature two long-time Christian peace activists, one from the USA and one from Palestine. Fr John Dear SJ is a peace activist, author and editor of 25 books on nonviolence and peacemaking from the United States. Zoughbi Zoughbi is a Palestinian Christian, Director of the Palestinian Centre for Conflict Resolution in Bethlehem. The evening begins at 6.30pm at St Ethelburga's Centre for Reconciliation & Peace, 78 Bishopsgate and is part of a Rediscovering Nonviolence series. Source: Pax Christi