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St Pedro de Betancur

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Light a Prayer Candle online

 Many thanks to the Parish of Saint Felix in Felixtowe, Suffolk for sending us this lovely message. Their whole website is also worth a visit. Candles serve as a constant and worthy reminder to us of God's presence in our lives. In our hectic and hurried lives, that small flicker can serve as a wonderful reminder to trust in God, the light of the world. Light a candle to seal an intention, as an act of love or remembrance on birthdays and special days, as a prayer for peace, as a symbol of the strength available to you in times of trouble, or as a sign of your deep gratitude for the blessings of life, or as part of your prayer for a person or situation. Begin or end your day with the ritual of lighting a candle. Visit www.saintfelix.co.uk and click on the "Light A Candle" icon and you will be taken through the steps of lighting a candle in prayer.