Sacred Space in print - Advent and Christmas 2019-2020

Advent and Christmas 2019 - 2020 - published by Irish Jesuits - Sacred Space

"From a historical point of view, our age, the twentieth century, is more difficult to live in than were ages past. But this is our age; it is an age of momentous change, and therefore also a time of new orientation for Christian living. This is our great opportunity." (Fr Karl Rahner ... Spiritual Exercises) Although written in the sixties it is still so relevant to-day.

Fr Rahner was passionate in his conviction that what was needed was a revitalised spiritual life that would cope with the challenge of the future.

One way the Irish Jesuits have responded to this task is through their websites: Sacred Space, Thinking Faith and Pray As You Go. This slim volume is based on reflections from Sacred Space and structured in the tradition of Ignatian Spirituality which encourages a certain daily discipline. So if you don't use the website, it is an especially good companion.

The thing about our prayer life and indeed our Spiritual Life is that it must envelop the total person in the living of one's life. This is the great strength of what is in this guide to making contact with the Christ . The user's guide is simple and clear to follow. Yes! you have..Spiritual Reading - Meditation - Silence in the Presence of God - Freedom - and Outgoing loving activity. All such Graces and more. Perhaps it is summed up best in one of the opening lines in the book...

" Love is eternal; it is unconstrained by time " - Kyle C. Cupp, Living by Faith, Dwelling in Doubt.

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