CAFOD supporters prepare to support Lent Family Fast Day

There are no fish in the river near Mahinur's house any more

There are no fish in the river near Mahinur's house any more

Source: CAFOD

This Friday 15 March, CAFOD supporters will hold 'Family Fast Days' around England and Wales in support of the charity's annual Lent campaign. Catholics in parishes across England and Wales will be eating a simple meal of bread and soup and donating the money they save to CAFOD.

The money they raise will go to helping people whose lives are being devastated by changing weather, including Mahinur in Bangladesh.

Drought, floods and storms are having a devastating impact on our global family. Mahinur makes a living from fishing but a drought last year killed all the fish, leaving her struggling to support her disabled husband and son.

Mahinur cooks and cleans in neighbours' homes for a bit of cash but it's never enough. There are days the family have nothing to eat. But Mahinur's experience is just one of many. The changing climate is wreaking havoc on hundreds of thousands of lives around the world.

CAFOD's Head of Volunteering, Jo Kitterick, said: "The changing weather is devastating lives. The donations of parishioners in England and Wales will help people around the world to support themselves, whatever the weather brings.

"Our work is made possible by the support of our volunteers and we are so grateful. They do so much to make sure that the needs of the poorest are close to our hearts when we are so busy with our own concerns. This Lent, it is your generosity which will help ensure no one is beyond reach of the love and care they need. Thank you."

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