Viewpoint: US Bishop writes - wearing a Trump hat 'is not exactly pro-life'

Bishop John Stowe OFM Conv

Bishop John Stowe OFM Conv

Source: Lexington Herald Leader. Diocese of Lexington

Writing in the Lexington Herald Leader, yesterday, Franciscan Bishop John Stowe, of Lexington, Kentucky, commented on issues raised by videos which appeared to show a rowdy group of Catholic high school students from his diocese mocking a native American elder.

Bishop Stowe writes: "Without engaging the discussion about the context of the viral video or placing the blame entirely on these adolescents, it astonishes me that any students participating in a pro-life activity on behalf of their school and their Catholic faith could be wearing apparel sporting the slogans of a president who denigrates the lives of immigrants, refugees and people from countries that he describes with indecent words and haphazardly endangers with life-threatening policies."

Read Bishop Stowe's full piece here: here:

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