Postulator appointed for Cause of John Bradburne

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The Cause for Beatification of John Bradburne was given a boost this week, with the news that a postulator has been appointed: Enrico Graziano Giovanni Solinas.

Kate Macpherson, from the John Bradburne Memorial Society (JBMS) writes: "The administrator and Postulator for the Propagation of Saints recently came to the UK for an initial visit to meet both the society and a small number of people who actually knew John. This visit seemed to go very well and we will keep everyone updated as matters develop."

Kate explained: "My mum, Celia Brigstocke has run JBMS for over 25 years. Sadly she has been diagnosed with terminal brain cancer and will not be able to carry on her work for the charity. So I am taking on her role as this will be her legacy after she has gone."

"John Bradburne has been marked for sanctity. After an extraordinary life, he dedicated ten years to looking after a community of people suffering from leprosy at Mutemwa in Zimbabwe, until his murder in 1979.

"To go forward with the beatification process, fundraising is essential. The charity has a Postulator from Perugia, Italy leading the cause but there still remains a huge amount of research, checks and interviews to be conducted. This will help present the best case for him to be made a saint at the Congregation of Causes for Saints.

"He could become the first saint for Zimbabwe and the first in England for over 400 years.

The John Bradburne Memorial Society's (JBMS) main role is to support the leper colony in Zimbabwe.

To support this cause and read further information se the JBMS website:

If you would like to donate for John's cause, there is a Just Giving page:

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