Christian anti-nuclear campaigners welcome outcome of Singapore Summit

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The Christian Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament has welcomed the developments in Singapore where United States President Donald Trump has met with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. While there has been no concrete promise that North Korea will give up its nuclear weapons, positive signs have emerged from the summit.

In an agreement signed after the summit, the US and North Korea have pledged to work together to 'build a lasting and stable peace regime on the Korean Peninsula'. North Korea has reaffirmed its commitment from April this year to 'work towards complete denuclearisation'. Donald trump later confirmed that the US would stop 'war games' which it carries out with South Korea.

Martin Birdseye, Co-Chair of Christian CND said: "We support all diplomatic moves which make a nuclear war less likely. There is clearly a long way to go in this process before the Korean peninsula can be free of nuclear weapons. We look forward not only to that day, but to the renewed sense of hope such an achievement will give the other nuclear-states. It is vital that meaningful discussions on nuclear disarmament now begin among the other eight states who possess nuclear arms"

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