Campaign Against Arms Trade response to BAE Systems cutting 2000 jobs

This morning, BAE Systems announced that it will be cutting almost 2000 jobs across the UK in response to a slowdown in Eurofighter production.

Andrew Smith of Campaign Against Arms Trade said: "BAE employs some very skilled people, and we want to see their skills being put to good use in more positive and sustainable industries, such as renewable energy and low carbon technologies.

The arms trade could not function without the huge level of political and financial support from the government. That support has created a politically intimate relationship that has seen government ministers working with arms company executives to promote weapons' sales around the world.

The impact of arms sales can be deadly. BAE Typhoon jets are being used right now in the Saudi-led destruction of Yemen. This is why government support should be shifted to other industries rather than those that are dependant on war and conflict to make a profit.

Last month, the TUC passed a motion calling for the Labour Party to set up a Shadow Defence Diversification Agency. The BAE job cuts show just how urgent this is."

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