Pope: Jesus performs a 'spiritual radiography' of our heart

Source: VIS

During his Angelus address to pilgrims gathered in a very hot St Peter’s Square on Sunday, Pope Francis reflected on the Gospel reading of the day, the parable of the sower.

The sower is Jesus, the Pope said, but the parable itself concerns us, as it speaks of the soil and not the sower. Noting that “Jesus performs, so to speak, a "spiritual radiography" of our heart, which is the ground upon which the seed of the Word falls. Our heart, he added, "is like the soil, it can be good when the Word bears fruit, but it can also be hard, and waterproof."

Pope Francis described how in between these forms of soil, there are two types of land. The first, he said, is a stony ground where the seed cannot put down deep roots. This, the Pope added, “is the superficial heart that welcomes the Lord, wants to pray, love and testify, but does not persevere..."

The Holy Father continued, then “there is the thorny ground, full of rocks that suffocate the good plants." This form of soil, he said, was the world seduced by wealth and greed, adding that the rocks were the vices that inhabit a person’s heart.

With the Lord’s help, underlined Pope Francis, we can reclaim the land in the form of confession and prayer that removes the stones and thorns and purifies our hearts.

During his address the Holy Father remembered Our Lady of Mount Carmel, who is celebrated on 16 July.

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