Archbishop Milingo says goodbye to Ms Sung

 Zambian Archbishop Emmanuel Milingo, has met Korean acupuncturist Maria Sung, the woman he married in a Moonie wedding, to break off the relationship. According to the Vatican, the meeting took place yesterday at the Arcangelo hotel in Rome. More than ten people from both parties witnessed the encounter, which was described as 'amicable' and 'very sad'. Dozens of reporters waited outside the hotel to get a glimpse of the couple whose story has dominated the tabloid press throughout Italy this summer. The archbishop gave Ms Sung a hand-written letter stating he had renounced his marriage and returned to the Church. While expressing sympathy for Ms Sung, he wrote: "My commitment to the life of the Church, including celibacy, does not allow me to be married." Afterwards, Ms Sung told reporters: "I'll respect his decision, but that doesn't change the feeling I have for him in my heart." She said she now looks forward to being reunited with her husband "in the afterlife". The sensational marriage of the 73 year-old archbishop to the 43 year-old began with a Unification Church mass wedding in New York in May. The couple had not met before the ceremony. Initially the Vatican threatened to excommunicate the archbishop. After he had a personal meeting with the Pope on 8 August, the threat was lifted and he went on a retreat. During this time Ms Sung went on hunger strike in protest at the archbishop's disappearance.

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