Appeal for prayers for the next Archbishop of Canterbury

 The Anglican Archbishops' Council has appealed for prayers for all those involved in the processes surrounding the selection of the next Archbishop of Canterbury. In a statement issued from its meeting in Woking today, the Council said: 'The selection of the next Archbishop of Canterbury is of crucial importance not only to the Church of England but to the spiritual life of the nation and of the world-wide Anglican Communion. The recent report by Lord Hurd of Westwell has underlined the many different dimensions of the role - ecumenical and interfaith, as well as national and international - and the challenges and opportunities each dimension offers for the Gospel. 'In the Church and in the world, the role of the Archbishop in presiding as spiritual leader of over 70 million Anglicans world-wide is more than ever recognised, thanks not least to the tireless work of Archbishop George Carey for mission, for justice and for peace. A sacred responsibility now rests on the members of the Crown Appointments Commission and everyone else involved in the selection of Archbishop George's successor. We ask all members of the Church of England, as well as those in partner churches, to focus in the coming months on sustained prayer for all involved that, working with the Holy Spirit, God's will for His Church may be done.' Source: CoE Communications

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