Bombay Catholics urge governor to use special measures in Orissa

 The statement says: " The situation continues to be tense. We want the Orissa Government to ensure normalcy and relief to be reached out to those who are suffering. Approximately 14,000 people are now in different relief camps. People in the camp hardly get one meal a day. We are hoping that the situation will improve." There is also a provision in the Indian Constitution known as the Fifth Schedule of the Constitution which can be invoked by the Governor of Orissa. The Fifth Schedule is a little used provision in the Indian Constitution refers to the 'Provisions as to the administration and control of Scheduled Areas and Scheduled Tribes' and gives extensive rights to the governor of the state in this matter. "Notwithstanding anything in this Constitution, the Governor may by public notification direct that any particular Act of Parliament or of the Legislature of the State shall not apply to a Scheduled Area or any part thereof in the State or shall apply to a Scheduled Area or any part thereof in the State subject to such exceptions and modifications as he may specify in the notification and any direction given under this sub-paragraph may be given so as to have retrospective effect," reads one of the main provisions of this section. "It also enjoins upon the governor the right to maintain law and order in scheduled areas. "The Governor may make regulations for the peace and good government of any area in a State which is for the time being a Scheduled Area," it further states. "All this has to be done with the consent of the President of India and the tribal advisory council in the state in question. Why this Fifth Schedule becomes important in the matter of Orissa is because the violent incidents have been mostly in the tribal district of Kandhamal and neighbouring areas. "We urge the Governor of Orissa to invoke this provision for early restoration of normalcy," Source: Dolphy D'souza, The Bombay Catholic Sabha

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