CAFOD says G8 ambitions for Africa must be backed by cash

 British aid agency CAFOD says the G8 currently meeting in Evian, must respond to the needs of African countries in the spirit of partnership if they are to turn around their relationship with Africa. Failure to do so will sour the goodwill that blossomed between the G8 and African leaders after the creation of NEPAD. The extent and ambition of the agenda that the G8 have set themselves at Evian - the war on terrorism, the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, post-war Iraq, the Middle East, North Korea, the global economic slowdown, the prevention of financial crises, have distracted from the agenda hoped for by the Africans - the impasse in trade talks leading up to the WTO summit in Cancun, corporate governance, conditions for private sector investment, the environment, water, sustainable development, "solidarity", HIV/AIDS, debt and famine, largely reflect the concerns of African countries. CAFOD's, Head of Policy George Gelber, said: "The breadth of this agenda must be matched by the depth of the G8's pockets. This means providing the resources needed to achieve the Millennium Development Goals, getting serious about trade reform and meeting the African leaders concerns on debt relief.

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