Ecumenical film awards 2006

 The Ecumenical Jury at the 2006 Berlin Film Festival announced awards to the following films at the ceremony for Independent Juries on Saturday 18.

Grbavica by Jasmila Zbani

For its unique, measured approach and balanced, compassionate storytelling without judgement or manipulation; for its portrait of human vulnerability, and the power of love to triumph over hatred and violence, and for its gentle embrace of a universal theme of reconciliation.

The story is placed in post war Sarajevo where a woman is coping not just with the everyday struggles of life, but also with the traumas of war. She has a daughter who does not know the conditions in which she was born, nor that her father is a Serbian soldier who raped her mother in a prison.

Komornik / The Collector by Feliks Falk

For taking an accurate and dramatic portrayal of Poland's recent political transition and presenting it as a morality tale about corruption with universal impact; for a high artistic quality and for preserving justice, generosity and human dignity.

The plot of this feature covers a period of 48 hours and shows the rise and fall of the title character, Lucek Bohme, who in the name of the law, ruthlessly seizes property of individuals and institutions on account of their debts.

Conversations on a Sunday Afternoon by Khalo Matabane

For a well-structured, convincing and insightful documentary, that portraits the situation of refugees from all over the world, who are living in Johannesburg.

Matanabe accompanies a writer in search of a refugee from Somalia. On his way he meets refugees from all over the world, whose stories witness from the violence of war but also of the hope of reconciliation.

Members of the Jury:
For Interfilm: the Protestant Organisation for Film
Jorg Herrman (Germany)
Christine Stark (Switzerland)
Milja Radovic (Scotland)

For SIGNIS, the World Catholic Association for Communication
Marius Sopterean (Romania)
David Tlapek (United States)
Reinhold Zwick (Germany)

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