A Christian take on Fahrenheit 9/11

 Fahrenheit 9/11 opens in the UK today. We will be carrying our own review of Michael Moore's controversial award-winning film soon. In the meantime Johann Christoph Arnold from the Bruderhof Community has published his own personal reflections on the movie. In his article on the Bruderhof Community website he writes:

'Fahrenheit 9/11 confronts us with choices: anger, resentment, and bitterness or else the forgiveness, love, and prayer that only God can give. And this love, prayer, and forgiveness must extend - especially - to those young men and women fighting for a cause they do not understand...

'The real sacrifice these men make is summed up in a short clip of a GI currently on active duty, who says that each time he takes the life of another person, part of his soul dies. For me, this was the movie's most striking moment. It is an insight that all of us - combat veteran and spectator alike - cannot ignore. George Bush may proclaim that none of the dead in Iraq have died in vain, but I believe this will not be the case until we ourselves are affected by every death as this young GI is.'

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LONDON - 9 July 2004 - 210 words


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