Philippines: 'Bible for Women' launched

 The Philippine Bible Society (PBC) have launched a 'Bible for women'. The Tagalog Women's Bible was formally launched during the Women of Blessing rally attended by 4,000 women from various parts of the country. Tagalog is the national language of the Philippines. General Secretary of the PBC, Nora Lucero, said: "A Filipino woman is unique in her goals, interest and struggles in life. We want to address these in a Bible she can claim her own." The Tagalog Women's Bible is produced for the needs of modern day Filipino women. It contains articles on the relevance of God's Word to current women issues. Most of these articles are based on the life experiences of reputable women from various fields, including Evelyn Miranda-Feliciano, Catholic Media aware and best-selling author, Jophen Gaui, writer and Bible translator, Sarah Jean Padrinao, a radio announcer; and Amyjay Riconalla, chair of Fellowship of Christians in Business. The articles address topics such as sexual harassment, martial/domestic violence and balancing work and rest. "Women issues are oftentimes buried in the pages of the scriptures," said Tita Tolentio, Women of Blessing chairperson. "The articles are like pointers that will direct the readers to passages speaking to women, for women and about women." The Tagalog Women's Bible is available is Catholic and Protestant editions.

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