Christmas message from sunny Zimbabwe

 To everyone whom we have seen this year in Zimbabwe, Medjugorje, England, Wales, Ireland, Zambia and South Africa and to all our family and friends all over the world, this Christmas letter is my way of thanking you for being there. Zimbabwe this year, has, without any doubt quickly lost its way and to live here can be a trial many are unable to face. We have not experienced enough of this disaster, which has taken the lives or livelihoods of many, to change our future. Our future here can only be - to help find the way towards a better future for us all. We have in our home environment a beautiful life and while we are still able to continue, here is our home - long may it stay so! As the South Africans say, we have 'ARRIVED ALIVE' continually this year as between the three of us as we have flown or travelled by car, bus or train, more miles than, as a newly married girl leaving England in 1970, I would have thought possible. It has, however, allowed us to be with family and friends, experience some of your lives and environments and really enjoy your company. For as long as we are able to come to see you, we will; bringing I hope not only my personal chaos but the true feeling of Africa. The parting statement from Father Guri our parish priest before we travelled to Medjugorje at the end of May "When you come back, all you will find is a big black hole" wasn't correct. Operation "Drive Out Trash" did not completely kill, or make destitute all of the people. Only the peace and closeness to God and Man, that we gained in Medjugorje, helped us and indeed continues to help us, survive the tragedy that is still happening in Zimbabwe. Strange but true is the fact that we all seem to be living normal lives again. Normal? - We have huge inflation, spasmodic electricity, petrol and diesel, and shortages of every essential, plus a dying population. Normal?- I have refurbished and repainted the Nativity Scene at Nazareth House, we are holding monthly book sales to give something for nothing or very little, and we have a new red setter puppy we have called Killian who has fitted in very well with the free range rabbits. Christmas Day is to be celebrated at home, with a braai, all the animals and anyone who can afford the petrol is invited. With love Helen, Dave and William.

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