Pope: No one can 'stay' on Mount Tabor while on this earth

 On Sunday during in his address to people gathered in St Peter's Square to pray the Angelus prayer and receive his blessing at midday Pope Benedict XVI reflected on the Gospel of the Transfiguration. "While they saw the transfigured Lord conversing with Moses and Eliah - the Pope said -, Peter, James and John were enveloped in a cloud from which they heard a voice saying: "This is my beloved Son in whom I am well pleased, listen to Him!" (Mk 9,7)". The Pope explained: "The grace of a profound experience of God, is something like the experience of the disciples at the Transfiguration: for a moment we enjoy the future Beatitude of ! heaven. This is usually a very brief experience which God grants, particularly before a hard trial. However no one can 'stay' on mount Tabor while on this earth. Human life is a journey of faith and as such is more in shadow than in full light, and there are also moments of darkness. As long as we are here below our relationship with God is more of listening than vision; and contemplation works, so to say, with closed eyes, through an interior light lit in our hearts by the Word of God". Pope Benedict XVI recalled the example of the Blessed Virgin "as she walked day after day on a pilgrimage of faith, pondering and meditating the Word God addressed to her in her heart". The Pope urged those present to follow her example and in this season of Lent to listen to Christ, in his Word, in Sacred Scripture, in the events of life striving to discern therein messages from Divine Providence; in brothers and sisters, the poorest in particular. The Pope ended with these words: "Listening to Christ and obeying him is the path, the only path to the fullness of joy and love." Source: Fides

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