Philippines: 100 bells ring out against child pornography

 About a hundred bells were rung in Manila on Saturday to mark the launching of the nationwide campaign against child pornography. Lean Flores, spokesperson of the Anti-Child Pornography Alliance (ACPA) said: "Like the striking and sound of the 'batingaws' (bells), we will amplify these bells loudly to further echo the voice of Filipino children against pornography and all forms of abuse and exploitation, said ACPA launched the Batingaw Network, a children and youth formation against child pornography in the Philippines. Batingaw Network was the outcome of the youth caucus initiated recently by ACPA, Akap-Bata, Unicef, the Council for the Welfare of Children, and Catholic Church-based faith organizations. Among those who joined the caucus were students, community-based groups, faith-based organizations and various institutions geared for the battle to eradicate pornography and the exploitation of children. Flores explained that "Batingaw" was derived from olden times, when bells were used to send messages of both good tidings and danger. She expressed the hope that the youth involvement would result in the passage of a bill by legislators that would set "strong and definite" policies against child pornography and related concerns.

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