Website for Narnia fans

 A new web resource has been launched for fans of CS Lewis', The Lion, the Witch and Wardrobe, providing a mix of materials; from recipes for Turkish Delight to competitions, a 'Pause for Thought', articles, masks for children, celebrity interviews, 'beer' features, images and much much more! It can be found at:

The Narnia Freebies web portal is the brainchild of an office of the Catholic Bishops' Conference of England and Wales. The Catholic Enquiry Office (CEO) provides free materials about Catholic life and beliefs. Director, Mgr Keith Barltrop said: "The story of Narnia is enchanting and has captivated the imagination of generations of children and adults. CS Lewis was a Christian and religious themes and symbols lie at the heart of the plot. The aim of our web resource is to provide fans with free and fun Narnia materials, but also to invite them to walk into the wardrobe and explore the Catholic faith."

first posted LONDON - 12 December 2005 - 161 words

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