Zimbabwe lifts ban on aid agencies

 Just days after the Zimbabwean government called on all humanitarian agencies working in the country to suspend their work, they have reversed the decision. The Missionary News Service reported last night that the Zimbabwean government has announced that all non-governmental organisations wanting to operate in the country will have to reapply for accreditation and promise not to interfere in domestic politics. "They interfered in political activities, veering from their normal work and behaving like political parties. Now they must clearly state their intentions and will be bound to what they declare", said a Harare government spokesman. Last week's decision had been met with grave concern by aid agencies. There is massive inflation, huge unemployment and a desperate shortage of food in Zimbanwe. Some four million people in the country are dependent on food aid. Close to two million people are living with HIV. A Zimbabwean male has a life expectancy of 37, a woman just 34. Rev Useni Sibanda, of the Zimbabwe Christian Council (ZCA) said: "We have hunger here and things are just getting worse. The most vulnerable will be the most affected. There is a general food shortage, there is no food in the stores and these people have no alternative they are totally dependent on the humanitarian agencies."

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