Michelle Collins endorses John Pridmore story

 EastEnders star Michelle Collins was special guest at the launch of John Pridmore's life story: "From Gangland to Promised Land" at the Blind Beggar Pub in London's East End last Tuesday.

The pub, where the one of the Kray Twins' victims was shot, was an old haunt of Pridmore, during his time as a gang member.

Endorsing the book, Ms Collins said: "This inspirational story will blow your mind."

Other guests at the event included comedy script-writer Vince Powell, police officers, some Franciscan Friars of the Renewal and many friends.

John's autobiography - co-written with Greg Watts - details his eventful journey from local East-End gangland member and drug dealer to finding his Christian faith.

Since his conversion John has devoted his life to giving talks to young people about his faith.

In his speech, John said he didn't want any money from the book. "It's really about the struggles before and after I found God. Since I found God at the age of 27 I've constantly sought direction from Him and He has always showed me the way ahead."

From Gangland to Promised Land is published by XT3 Books ISBN: 0-9547321-3-8

LONDON - 10 December 2004 - 200 words

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