New materials for people enquiring about the Catholic faith

 LONDON - 19 July 2001 - 370 words

New materials for people enquiring about the Catholic faith

Two new publications for those wanting to know more about the Catholic faith, were launched at Mission House, Golder's Green, London on Friday.

Bishop James O'Brien, auxiliary bishop of Westminster, unveiled the two booklets which will available from the Catholic Enquiry Office.

Living Faith, written by theologian Elizabeth Hughes, sets out Catholic beliefs and why they are held, while Living Faith Stories, written by journalist Greg Watts, charts the journeys of ten people to the Catholic church.

Fr Peter Wilson, from the Catholic Missionary Society explained that often when people begin to be interested in Catholicism, they prefer to read something rather than make a direct approach to the local church.

Since 1954, the CEO has placed adverts in the secular press.

"It is quite phenomenal how many people respond to these," he said, adding: " The CEO has always respected the privacy of enquirers. No-one calls and there is no pursuit of those who make enquiries."

He said: "Over the years different materials have evolved. There was a correspondence course in the early years, in which ten different topical leaflets were sent to enquirers over a period of weeks. In the late 1970s the material was revised and Fr John Redford and Fr Brian McEvoy produced two booklets: We Live and We Believe."

The publications launched this week are the first new publications written for the CEO in more than 20 years.

Fr Wilson said: "Living Faith is a wonderful read. Elizabeth Hughes weaves story and belief, life and doctrine into a wonderful faith tapestry. The team were delighted with the result. It is attractively produced by McCrimmons 144 pages long, and a worthy addition to the CMS library of materials."

"Living Faith Stories by Greg Watts is again an attractive production, produced by Gabriel Communications in a full colour glossy format rich in photographic materials."

Living Faith Stories, like its predecessors, will be sent entirely free of charge. However, if enquirers would like Living Faith, they will be invited to make a small donation of £5 towards the cost.

For more information call the Catholic Enquiry Office on 020 8458 3316/020 8455 9871; or e-mail them on:

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