Pope urges road users to be careful

 During his weekly Angelus from the Papal Apartments overlooking St Peter's Square yesterday, Pope Benedict reflected on the Sunday's Gospel which recounts the famous parable of the talents. He went on to issue an appeal for road users around the world urging them to take extra care.

The Holy Father said: "On this third Sunday of November, we remember in a special way all those who have died as a result of traffic accidents. We pray for their eternal rest and for the consolation of their families who grieve their loss. Dear brothers and sisters, I implore everyone - drivers, passengers and pedestrians - to heed carefully the words of Saint Paul in the Liturgy of the Word today: "stay sober and alert". Our behaviour on the roads should be characterized by responsibility, consideration and a respect for others. May the Virgin Mary lead us safely along streets and highways throughout the world.

Source: Vatican Radio

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