Join call to 'bring 1,000 children home for Christmas'

The Calais camp has been demolished. Almost 2,000 refugee children are stuck in limbo in France, Citizens UK - which brings together faith and community and faith groups from across the country, are organising an action outside Parliament next Tuesday, 13 December from 6 to 7pm to ask the Home Secretary to bring across at least 600 of the remaining lone exiled children stuck in France to fulfil her target proposed earlier in the year to bring 'half' the Calais children here -- and to do so before Christmas.

The meeting point is by the statue of King George V in the garden outside Westminster Abbey alongside Abingdon Street, opposite the House of Lords.

A link to the relevant Facebook page is below. There will be a Salvation Army band as an added attraction. Perhaps you work in London and can stay on for the event? Or you can manage an early evening visit to Westminster?

See the Facebook page here:

If you can't attend, you may like to sign up to the related e-petition:

Call on Amber Rudd to fulfil her promise -- bring 'half' the Calais children -- before Christmas.

Source: Seeking Sanctuary

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