Worldwide Rosary

The Worldwide Rosary takes place this Saturday. For more information check the ICN Listings page or see:

The devotion began in 1996 as a gift to the late Holy Father for the golden jubilee of his Priestly Ordination and grew from there. Now over a hundred and fifty countries participate at thousands of locations, big and small. Even if you are simply joining in with your own family, you are part of the event!

The Poor Clare Colettines at Ty Mam Duw in Hawarden North Wales will be combining the World Rosary with St Francis. For those who would like to join the Sisters: there will be Adoration throughout the day, beginning at 10.30am with the Rosary and the Prayer of the Church. Pray-ers are welcome at any time, but if your opportunities are limited why not join them for the last hour at 5pm, which will include Vespers and the Transitus of the the feast of St Francis with the Glorious Mysteries?

For further details contact Sr Maria - Phone ++44 (0)1244 531029 - or visit:

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