Papal Visit Legacy Programme launched

Crowd greets Pope in Hyde Park - Image CCN

Crowd greets Pope in Hyde Park - Image CCN

A programme  entitled 'Some Definite Purpose' is being launched in dioceses throughout the UK to reflect on the legacy of last September's Papal Visit.
A number of events and projects have been timetabled for 2011 and beyond, with the under six headings: ‘To know our purpose’, ‘To grow in confidence’, ‘To witness to our faith’, ‘To serve others’, ‘To seek and engage in dialogue’ and ‘To point to the transcendent’.

Archbishop Nichols said: "The visit of the Holy Father was a grace-filled occasion and a source of great joy. He presented us with a clear task for the months and years ahead. It is hoped that the new initiative, 'Some Definite Purpose' will support every member of the Catholic community, and those who are not Catholic, to make a positive and faith-filled contribution to life in the UK. A key focus is serving those who are most in need where we live and work."

Bishop Kieran Conry, Chair of the Department of Evangelisation and Catechesis, said: "This initiative will support the mission of the Church in England and Wales. It has a specific parish focus and materials will be easy to download and use. It’s so important that we all consider ways of continuing the journey of 'heart speaks unto heart', of witnessing to the joy of our faith in everyday life. I invite and encourage everyone to get involved and give generously of their time and talents."

Every Catholic parish in England and Wales is being sent a resource to encourage and support their involvement. For additional information see:

Source: CCN

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