National Ethical Investment Week 7-13 November

National Ethical Investment Week gives organisations and individuals the opportunity to spread the word about green and ethical investing. It aims to let as many people as possible know that they have green and ethical options when it comes to their finance and investment decisions. The Ecumenical Council for Corporate Responsibility is one of the organisations behind production of the 2010 Action Guide for Churches and the National Justice and Peace Network, which has an Ethical Investment Working Group, has been encouraging support for the week in the Catholic Church.

The Guide suggests that faith calls Christians to care about other human beings, and creation itself, in action as well as in word. One way that Christians can apply their principles in every day life is to choose green or ethical investments and other financial products. Money can be invested to support social justice and prevent environmental degradation. Climate change, human rights, poverty alleviation and fair trade are all issues that are being addressed by green and ethical investments today. The pack, which also contains liturgy material, can be downloaded from:

It is suggested that study group meetings or talks can be held at churches on green and ethical investments. An independent financial adviser can be invited to speak, contacted through the Ethical Investment Association (www. The website provides information on ethical banking, pensions, and insurance. A range of other resources including case studies and links are available on the Week’s website at: Members of churches, faith groups and charities who want to know about how their organisation’s funds can be invested responsibly could also visit and

A prayer from the Churches’ pack:

Lord Jesus, you turn the tables on the Temple traders and rage at those who take advantage of the poor and the powerless.
You seek out and stand in solidarity with those discarded and damaged by the system and tell them they are beloved of God.
And you reserve your deepest scorn for those who wear their piety like a badge but who live without thought for the downtrodden and the disadvantaged.
Lord Jesus, give us your heart for the poor so that their needs shape the choices we make; fill us with a righteous anger so that we are moved to action on their behalf and raise our voice in the face of injustice; guard us from the peril of empty prayers and faith without deeds.
So may we help build your kingdom. Amen.
© Peter Collins/Traidcraft:

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