London: messages of peace on Hiroshima Day

Pax Christi leafletting at Westminster Cathedral

Pax Christi leafletting at Westminster Cathedral

Messages of peace, hope and encouragement  written to the people of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, formed part of Pax Christi's annual Hiroshima Anniversary vigil outside Westminster Cathedral today.  One said: "I feel bad now that in 1945 I was only thankful that the war was over... it was a few years before I really understood the horror of what brought it to an end.  I think of you often and with you pray that we may eventually rid the world of nuclear weapons"  The messages will be sent to Archbishop Takami of Nagasaki and Bishop Misue of Hiroshima, to be shared with communities there.

This captures the essence of the vigil where prayers of remembrance, repentance and hope were shared, making the links between what had happened in Hiroshima and Nagasaki 65 years ago, and the world's continued development and threatened use of nuclear weapons.

Following the prayer time people were invited to think of how they would spend the £20billion which is what it would cost for the initial renewal of Trident, the UKs nuclear deterrent.  Alternative projects included: tackling climate change and poverty, especially in poorest countries; youth work; re-instating school building programmes; developing sustainable energy  and investment in decent affordable housing.

Similar vigils involving Pax Christi, were also taking place in Coventry, Abindgon and in South Africa, Canada and Palestine.

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