Pray as you follow the World Cup in South Africa

Tomorrow, 11 June, the World Cup kicks off with the host nation, South Africa, taking on Mexico.  Pray-as-you-go, in partnership with the Jesuit Institute in South Africa, is providing five reflections on themes surrounding the World Cup and South Africa.

Raymond Perrier, the Director of the Institute in Johnannesburg, said: "The local slogan for the World Cup is 'Feel it! It is here!' The Jesuit Institute in South Africa thought it might be good to help people 'feel it' in perhaps a somewhat less hype-filled way.  Hence this series of five meditations which are inspired by this global event, a first for the African Continent."

The meditations are read by Puleng Matsaneng of the Jesuit Institute and Thabo Mokone of Radio Veritas, who also helped in the production along with Khanya Litabe, Niall Collie and Olinda Orlando. "We are most grateful to them all," says Raymond. "And we also thank St John Vianney Seminary, Pretoria, for granting permission to use the choral music of their powerful CD Litlase (Give greater glory)."

The five prayer sessions are available on the pray-as-you-go web site:

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