Peace organisations urge Church leaders to join call for human security

Pat Gaffney

Pat Gaffney

Christian peace organisations Pax Christi and Fellowship of Reconciliation are urging Church leaders to join their call for resources to be devoted to human rather than military security.  The call, entitled:  'Addressing the real wounds of the human family:  a call to action'  comes as the government launches a Strategic Defence Review and political parties are preparing for the general election.

Pat Gaffney, General Secretary of Pax Christi said:  "For decades the discussion on peace and security has been dominated by  those who support a  'might is right' model, arguing that national self-interest and the protection and security of others is best achieved by military means. The time has come to turn away from this false and short-sighted model in favour of a model of sustainable human security that puts people - and especially the poor - at its centre. Such a model is consistent with the social teachings of many churches which seek to build global solidarity between peoples - solidarity that heals the wounds of war, the violation of rights, poverty and the destruction of the environment.

Chris Cole, Director of the Fellowship of Reconciliation said:  "We are calling on  the Government, as it undertakes its Defence Review, to use this opportunity for a radical evaluation of security policies.  It is not enough to tinker with budgets, to choose between 'boots or bombs'.  Now is the time to redirect military spending, research and development into life-giving projects that address our real security needs today." The two organisations have also issued a briefing to accompany the call entitled Security for the Common Good:  A Christian challenge to military security strategies which is also being sent to church leaders.

Copies of the call and the background briefing are available on both organisations' websites.

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