Act now to stop assisted suicide

At the end of July, the House of Lords ruled that the Director of Public Prosecutions should publish his policy on prosecuting those who assist others to commit suicide.  The case of Debbie Purdy concerned her desire to have her husband assist her death in Zurich, where the practice is allowed.  The DPP’s comments in a national newspaper that his guidelines would apply equally to those who assist suicides in the UK, have now put pressure on Parliament to legalise assisted suicide.

A proposed amendment to the Coroners and Justice Bill seeks to legalise assistance with the suicide of those who are suffering from an 'incurable and disabling illness'.  The vulnerable person does not even need to be terminally ill for the amendment to apply - they merely need to be disabled by their illness.

Lord Alderdice’s amendment is number 66 and is likely to be voted on next Monday (26th October) or Wednesday (28th October).

The campaign group Care Not Killing, which promotes more and better palliative care, whilst seeking to ensure that existing laws against euthanasia and assisted suicide are not weakened, is  calling on supporters  to  e-mail peers,  urging them to attend the House of Lords to vote against Lord Alderdice’s amendment (and any further amendments that seek to legalise assistance with suicide).  The House of Lords has already rejected assisted suicide as recently as July, by 53 votes and after lengthy consideration.

 For more information on how to contact peers see:

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