Now recruiting: 11 - 13 year old 'Bible detectives'

How many times is cheese mentioned in the Bible? Who was shipwrecked and imprisoned repeatedly? How many loaves and fish fed three thousand people? These are just some of the questions being posed as part of a new Catholic Bible Detectives' resource for 11-13 year olds..

The monthly Bible Detectives' Quiz is one of the many downloads available on .

The aim of the Detectives' resource is to further young people's knowledge about Jesus and to encourage them to read the Scriptures.

Emily Davis, Yfaith Project Co-ordinator, said: 'Engaging young people with the Bible can be a real challenge. Youth ministry is often about finding fun ways to explore faith, and that's what we're trying to do with the Bible Detectives' Quiz. It's really rewarding to see this age group grow in confidence in using their Bibles as they find out fun facts as well as key truths about their faith. The quiz is an ideal tool for evangelisation.'

Each month the children who complete the quiz are invited to enter a prize draw to win a Bible, a Yfaith t-shirt and pen.

Gemma Wildsmith, a secondary School Chaplain, said: "It's really helpful to have an exciting way of getting the pupils into reading their Bibles - I'm looking forward to the possibility of my school becoming the first Bible Detectives' School.'

Yfaith   is a site designed to enable 11-13 year old Catholics to engage with, explore and express their faith. It is also a vehicle for supporting catechists, youth workers, parents, grandparents and chaplains, by providing downloadable resources for use with this age-group. Schools and youth groups are invited to become 'Bible Detective Schools', or 'Bible Detective Youth Groups', whilst families of this age group could do the quiz together.

Also available on the Yfaith website are weekly commentaries on the Sunday Gospel; monthly discussion starters; magazine style articles and quizzes; and downloadable prayers for those who want to join the 'virtual prayer group'.

The website is an initiative of the Catholic Agency to Support Evangelisation (CASE). For more information email: or call 020 7901 4863

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