SPUC organises petition against school abortions

Tomorrow, (Saturday 4 July) hundreds of pro-life campaigners throughout the UK will be seeking signatures from the general public and church-goers for (SPUC’s (the Society for the Protection of the Unborn Child's)  petition against the promotion of abortion in schools.

“The aim of the petition is stop schools being turned into abortion referral centres,” said Tony Mullett the national co-ordinator of the petition day.

“Abortions are being arranged for children in schools behind their parents backs and one out of three secondary schools already has a school-based clinic where sex advice can be offered and abortions can be arranged without parents knowing. Successive governments have targeted young people with sex education telling them where to get contraception and abortion advice. But sexual diseases and abortions continue to increase among the young. The policy has failed, and now they are arranging secret abortions, destroying unborn children and leaving young teenage mothers to deal with the aftermath of abortion. It is profoundly evil.”

SPUC’s goal is to reverse the government’s approach and end the promotion of secret abortions through schools.

For more information regarding the promotion of the petition in your area please contact Tony Mullett, national petition day co-ordinator 01772 258580. Tony's mobile phone number is 07894 698030.

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